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Have you thought about the merits of including gold and silver bullion as part of your portfolio investment strategy?

Here i will discuss nine good explanations why every investor should really acquire silver and gold bullion.

Nine key reasons to allocation a percentage of funds to the gold and silver bullion asset class:

1. A Safe-Haven play

Desire for precious metals by individuals together with corporations rises during situations of market uncertainty and geopolitical risk. Silver and gold bullion is viewed by savvy investors as being a superior store of value. Our financial system is currently fragile and unstable. These kinds of circumstances will undoubtedly enhance the status of precious mettal as a safe-haven investment.

2. Indestructible and Imperishable

Rising food and oil costs are boosting global inflation. Savvy investors will start to look for assets which are perceived to be anti-inflationary. And silver and gold bullion has over the years been perceived to be a good hedge against inflation.

4. Insurance Against Portfolio Risk

Investors who are wary of the downside risk to their portfolios ought consider to invest in gold or silver. The return on capital for precious metal bullion show little correlation to other asset classes, namely bonds and equities. As a result, silver and gold bullion can be expected to perform well during volatile market conditions and geopolitical instability.

5. Protection Against Currency Risk

It can be observed that when the U. S. dollar drops, gold or silver is often acquired by banks as an alternative investment strategy. A lower pegged dollar also helps make dollar-denominated commodities such as precious metals less pricey for investors, institutional or otherwise, dealing with other currencies. Thus, as the drop in the U.S. currency remains, buyer demand for silver and gold bullion is going to increase.

6. Safeguards Wealth

Right now, rates of interest remain at close to 0% in many developed countries, while the official annual inflation rate increases for the U. S. The Federal Reserve's main priority currently is holding up the financial industry. Rates of interest need to remain low as a strategy to keep the housing sector and credit markets steady. Negative interest levels diminish the value of a currency kept barrels of crude. Gold bullion is now trading for a ratio of about fourteen. For the ratio to come back to its historical mean, gold will have to trade at over $1200 an ounce.

8. A Highly Liquid Asset

Gold and silver are generally accepted throughout the world and can quickly be bought and liquidated. As an investor, you therefore have the option to convert your bullion for different currencies when the need arises.

9. Investment interest for Precious Metals will remain robust

Higher inflation, climbing energy rates, a decreasing U.S. currency, a stagnant U. S. economy, geopolitical tensions abroad, and a slowdown in global economic performance will all contribute in the upward direction in the price of precious metal bullion, such as gold and silver.

The above points all bode well for developing a strategy to accumulate precious metal bullion.

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